About us

Welding-Most Ltd. Welding-Most Ltd. performs installation and welding of metal bridge superstructure using materials of the customer, as well as creating the individual metal structures, installation of formwork, construction of prefabricated and monolithic pillars, concreting superstructure motes.

Welding-Most Ltd. works with welding engineers and welders that are certificated by the National Agency of Control and Welding. Also we have the technical base allowing to create full range of welding in the construction of steel bridges and overpasses.

We use:
- Manual arc welding equipment 3 pcs.,
- Automatic horizontal welding equipment 9 pcs.,
- Vertical automatic welding equipment 3 pcs.,
- Sets for manual welding in shielding gases 5 pcs.,
- Equipped containers for preparation of welding materials 3 pcs.

Ltd. Welding-Most has mastered the following technologies:
- Horizontal automatic welding with small-scale chemical products such as mixture of flux AH-47 + AH-348-A and ceramic flux PFC-56C,
- Mechanized (automatic) vertical welding with using of flux-cored self-shielded wire PP-AN-19N and CW-10-GN (brand AN-67),
- Semi-automatic welding in shielding gases Ar + CO2.

During the companys existence (since 2005) it actively cooperates with organizations such as OJSC Mostotrest:
- ITF Mostotryad4, RTF Mostotryad22, STF Mostotryad99, MTF Mostotryad114;
- JSC Mostotryad 19, LLC ELGAD-Bridge, JSC Transmonolit, JSC Roszhildorstroy, OJSC Volgomost, LLC Sevzapmostostroy, LLC Tonneldorstroy in Sochi, LLC Mostdorstroy in Sochi, JSC Hotkovskiy Avtomost, LLC Stroymost in Vologda, JSC Bridge Building Management in Ufa and others.